Who should attend?

The conference will bring together pioneers in super- and hypersonic aviation engineering to discuss, debate, and discover next-generation propulsion technologies and engineering concepts as well as problem-solving. Moreover, the event will be a fantastic networking opportunity given its ‘hybrid’ format, i.e. with delegates gathering in person in London as well as delegates from all over the world joining the action online on a state-of-the-art networking and presentation platform. 

Anyone working in aviation super- and hypersonic R&D should attend the conference. And because the event covers every facet of super-and hypersonic aircraft design, development, and technology, you can expect to see expert papers, presentations, and panel discussions on the following topics:
     • Aerodynamics
     • Advanced engine technologies 
     • Flight testing and simulation
     • Advanced materials 
     • Sonic boom and noise control and legislation  
And much more!

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