The development and creation of super- and hypersonic aerospace technologies

The re-invention of viable supersonic commercial aircraft as well as the creation of hypersonic commercial air travel will make the world a considerably smaller place

Brought to you by the publishers of Aerospace Testing International, the London to Sydney in Five Hours: The Future of Aviation Conference took place in London from 29-30 September 2021.

The conference brought together manufacturers of aerospace propulsion technologies, advanced component-technology manufacturers, research associations and universities, and aircraft designers and manufacturers. The topic? How to create market-viable supersonic and hypersonic technologies and aircraft.

Delegates saw presentations from some of the best-known, most-qualified experts on supersonic and hypersonic concepts and technologies. There was a focus on engine possibilities as well as investigation into the design possibilities for such rapid aircraft. Key figures from aircraft manufacturers and conceptualisers spoke and presented detailed insight into their product plans. Designs and possibilities were discussed, debated, and investigated. Group discussions were very much be part of the programme.

London to Sydney in Five Hours: The Future of Aviation Conference took place in the heart of London and was co-located with the Aerospace Testing Symposium, which was dedicated to discussing, debating, and learning about the latest and next-generation complete aircraft and component testing, validation technologies and techniques.